Thursday, March 23, 2017

What a week so far!

As many of you know, I work for an internet company, and I think I have talked about this before but here goes again.  Every 4th week I have to be on 24 hour call in case anything needs my attention.  I am described as a Server Administrator, and we have hundreds and hundreds of servers that need care and attention at the most inopportune times it seems.  This week I am on call.  So I have had little time to be on the air hence the slow down in my posting. 

Anyway, tonight I got home and was able to get on the air for about a half hour and I worked Rick KC4KNN down in North Carolina. Not a new state but Rick was a great QSO.  He's my age and has been a ham about as long as I have. He was pushing 70w with a old Ten Tec Corsair to a G5RV. His keying was very noticeable and he was using a bug of some kind....but man could he make that bug talk.  A lot of times I work ops with bugs (I can't use a bug to save my life) that tire me out, funky spacing, weird drawn out elements...but Rick was great copy and a great fist! 

The mail man brought me a lot of QSL cards this week, and here they are! 

Foster W4AZA sent me a very nice letter with his card.  Foster is a 79 year old retired doctor, and he served in the US Navy.  He got his license originally in 1953 at the age of 15!  Foster has also been a minister for over 30 years as well.  Our QSO was his fourth QSO since he has returned to the air after a long time off.  He's using a mag loop antenna IN HIS ATTIC.....NICE JOB FOSTER!!!  Thank you for your service in our military! 

Well that's about it for the night, I do not get to color in a new state today but that just gives me more reason to return to the air tomorrow.  I will be working from home so might have time to check 40 out during the morning.

Best 73 de KB9BVN

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