Friday, March 10, 2017

The folks you meet on CW....

Today the mailman brought a couple new QSL cards, one from Ron WB1HGA out in MA and the other from Jerry K5KBL from down in the Peach State of Georgia.  Thank you guys very much for the cards, they are always appreciated!


So it's Friday night, and my wife is at the movies with a son and his family, checking out the new King Kong flick.  Left to my own devices I naturally migrated toward the shack and fired up the HW-8 to see what I could see.  Band sounded a little flat at 5PM local time (SSN:0 SFI:71 A:12 K:1) and I heard WB4DBO from down near Huntsville Alabama ( A NEW ONE!!).  He was calling CQ on 7035 Khz and I shot him an answer and he came right back to me.  I gave him a 599 and he gave me a 589 and we talked about our radios and our RST and SKCC interests.  Bill was running a KX-3 down there but not QRP...he said my HW-8 was sounding like a big rig!  

We QSO'd for a good 15-20 minutes and had a great time.  I went to QRZ and looked Bill up, he is a Army veteran, and learned radio as a Army Radio Operator with the 5th Special Forces in Vietnam, back in 1966.  He's a retired, 30 year veteran of the US Army and has a fantastic collection of Elecraft gear.  Check out his biography on QRZ.  

Bill if you read this, I would like to thank you for your service.  My dad retired as a Sgt Major after 27 years in the Army, we lost him last January and I can tell you he was proud of his service, and loved his country. It's amazing who you run into on CW. 

I hope to get back at it later this evening.  Have a great weekend! 

73 de KB9BVN

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