Friday, March 24, 2017

The HW-8 is officially a DX Machine!

Worked from home today, had the radio on in my office and 40m was pretty much Deadsville until about 4PM local time.  I heard a CQ wafting through the air on 7118 so I jumped over to the operating position and gave them an answer with both watts.  It was Harry VA3HWC up in London, Ontario CANADA and he gave me a 569.  The QSB was incredible, Harry was just doing a fantastic job pulling me out of the afternoon noise with his FT-1200, and then we sent our best 73's and did the "dit dit" thing.  Now, Canada is no North Korea when it comes to DX but it is the very first DX the little HW-8 has been able to work on 40m so least while in my hands.   

Right after that QSO I heard Mac WA4QWN calling CQ from down Roanoke VA way.  He was using a IC 718 at 95w to a dipole. When we first started out he gave me a 599 but the QSB and band was getting really bad and we were both going from 229 to 599 and back again.  Great fist though, and a fun QSO considering the abominable conditions we had.  Thanks Mac! 

Mailman has not delivered any new QSL cards today so that will wrap it up for the day I think.  I have to go back to work in half an hour and then the SWBC blasts me out of my headphones from 8PM to almost if I am around I will try to get back on later tonight.  Looking forward to trying to get some western states in the morning hours.  

Tomorrow I am setting up an unlicensed newbie with a old HT that doesn't transmit so he can monitor the weather nets and the local 2m activity while he studies for his Technician Exam.   He lives very close to our local repeater so this ought to keep him motivated to keep studying.  If we could all just find one more person to introduce to the hobby, things would be fantastic for our future.  If you get a chance to bring someone in, do it.  The amateur radio operators of the world will thank you.  Be an Elmer!

Best 73 de KB9BVN

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