Monday, March 14, 2022

Mink Meadow POTA activation

Daylight Savings Time has arrived, and it was sunny and 65F here in central Indiana today. Considering we woke up to 12F on Saturday morning, this is cause for celebration.  Spring is less than a week away, and this POTA guy is ready for it to get here. 

Tonight I tried a new location at K-4183 Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area.  I got there about 21:00Z and was on the air by about 21:25Z. 

I had the parking area to myself so I set up my table and chair, raised the Eagle One vertical and connected the power to the K2 and started calling CQ POTA. 

I worked my first contact on 17m, WD5AFR out in New Mexico.  Tried 17m for about 10 minutes and decided to move to 20m (14059 Khz).  I worked about 9 or 10 more there but I was getting tons and tons of QRN from the military base across the road.  So I moved to 40m (7065 Khz) and ended up with a total of 35 contacts in about 50 minutes.  The wind never let up, I had to push my vertical back up in the middle of a 40m pile up.  Then my paddles started coming apart...

I got home a little after 23:00Z and copied my paper log into N3FJP and sent the ADIF file off to the Region 9 log processing center, which is run by Sean Pyne W4BKR, and he does a fantastic job for us Region 9 activators. 

Here's what RBN looked like for me tonight: 

And here is what my QSO MAP looked like: 

Best 73 and great DX to you all

Until next time