Sunday, December 30, 2018

So long were a wild ride!

Looks like 2018 is about to come to an end, and that brings a new year for fun in the sun and playing radio.  Looks like I made it to only 30 states this year.  Things at the old J-O-B have been very busy the last six months, we bought out a company down south that doubled our size, in revenue and in employee count.  I work in it's been a drag race to get everything ready for the new acquisition.  

This year we got two new grandsons, Iggy and JP, and that brings the total to an even dozen, numbering six boys and six girls.  Blessed beyond words.

We lost my father-in-law, Paul J. Lauck Sr., on December 21st, and the family spent the week of Christmas planning a funeral.  Paul has been my father-in-law for a few months short of forty years.  His wife Margaret passed away in 1991 just as they were about to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary.  He was a retired Development Engineer, working for Bryant, Carrier, and ultimately United Technologies.  He had a hand in the development of the heat pump and many other inventions in the furnace and AC world.  I never got him convinced to get his license, but I tried on several occasions.  Paul and Margaret had nine children, 28 grand children, and 61 great grandchildren.  He's been a great example of fidelity and faith to me for as long as I have been in the family.  He'll be missed.  

Paul J Lauck Sr. - 1933 -2018 

So between work and family I have not been on the air much at all in November and December.  I hope to be more radio active in the new year and I plan on starting the year out by participating in the Straight Key Night that starts at 00:00Z Jan 1 and runs until 23:59Z Jan 1 - what a way to start the year!  Racking up states, and contacts and getting to know your long lost straight key!  I hope to hear you on the air!

72 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

Happy New Year!