Friday, March 17, 2017

Indiana Elmer Network

The Indiana Elmer Network is one of the radio groups that I work with from time to time, and I am glad to be a member.  They've been around a few years now, and seemed to sprout from the good deeds being done by Steve W9THR and a few friends.  It's my opinion that we do not have enough elmering going on in the ranks of the hobby, and the IEN gives me a perfect chance to do some elmering and give some encouragement to newbies, and oldies from time to time.  If you are interested in seeing more about the IEN, just check out their website. 

Last night I was not on the air, instead I was at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Indianapolis helping as a VE with the IEN VE team.  IEN has been running a Technician Class, and a Tech to General Class since the first part of the year.  I have been working with Wayne AC9HP, and Gary KA9ZYL, as an instructor in the Tech to General Class.  We started out with a dozen students, and as of last night all but one had successfully advanced to General.  The Technician class is still going on for another week but more than half of them have passed the exam for Technician now.  One of the things we stress in our class is to get involved with a local radio club and attend some hamfests. 

Last night we had 15 or 16 people come in to test for new licenses, or to upgrade their current license.  The IEN VE Team is part of the Laurel ARC VEC, so testing is done at no charge to the individual. All costs of the testing are donated by the VE's themselves.  So to keep costs down, as you can imagine, Laurel ARC VEC has streamlined the testing process to the point they submit test data to the FCC within 24 hours of most testing sessions.  The people that tested last night, had their call signs this morning. 

So if you are interested in Elmering, contact the IEN and see what they are working on next.  You may be able to help, or join in and learn something new.  

I hope to be back at it tonight!  Ivin W9ILF is pulling WAY ahead! 

73 de KB9BVN

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