Friday, March 3, 2017

Off the Air this Weekend

Thanks for following this blog report of my QRP WAS Quest!  This weekend I will be off the air.  This is the season of Lent for those of my Catholic faith and I will be busy this weekend doing some charitable work out of town.  I should be back on by Sunday night.  I hate to break the streak but the work I am doing will be helpful to a bunch of folks.  See you later!  dit dit

Mail call today produced another great QSL card.  This one from Missouri and Bob K0FHG.  We made contact during the Novice Rig Roundup. Thanks Bob!

K0FHG QSl Card



  1. W9ILF will be filling in for KB9BVN while he is away for any and all SKEDS or random QSO's wanted toward WAS. It is a time consuming sacrifice W9ILF is making but what are friends for?

  2. Thanks Ivin...don't you be stealing my QSO's!! :-) Best of luck to you this weekend!