Wednesday, March 8, 2017

QRP is contagious...

I received this QSL  card in the mail yesterday and thought it was interesting.  Paul W2CW and I had our QSO back on Feb 26th.  I sent him a letter and a QSL card commemorating our QSO and explained that I was trying to do a Worked All States event with the HW-8.  Paul has been doing some experimenting with his sons FT-817 and making great progress with it, even into Europe and South America.  Read his comments for yourself.  QRP is fun! 

W2CW QSL Card - Front

W2CW QSL Card - Back
Thanks for the card Paul!  I really appreciate it.

I got this card in the mailbox today, it's from Marty up in Tipton County Indiana.  Marty is a CW operator that participates in the statewide NTS net called QIN, likes to run QRP, and he likes to play chess with Ivin W9ILF over CW as well.  Sometimes they trade moves via NTS Radiograms.  I never thought of doing that but it sounds like fun!  I wonder if anyone plays Battleship over NTS? Thank you for the card Marty!


73 de KB9BVN

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