Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pennsylvania and West Virginia Bite the Dust!

Just worked Brian K9VKY from Pennsylvania in the Novice Rig Roundup. Brian was running a vintage Globe Chief with XTAL transmitter.  The XTAL was for 7115 Khz and that's just about what I had estimated.  He was pushing out 40 watts and gave me a 589.  I gave him a 589 right back.  Band conditions (SSN:14 SFI:75 A:20 K:2) on 40m have not improved and we had to wait for QRM dragged in by the QSB. 

Shortly afterwards, I made contact with Greg WA8JPC down in West Virginia, We had a great but short QSO, got the particulars exchanged and then QSB and some QRM brought an end to the contact.  West Virginia is a great state to have in the log already.  So that's three!  Only 47 more to go.

I think I will paper QSL these WAS contacts from the just feels right. 


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