Sunday, February 26, 2017

NC State QSO Party is ON the AIR

Hearing every CW station from North Carolina all at the same time on 40m.  So I tuned down to 7025 where is was quiet and started calling CQ.  According to the Reverse Beacon (bacon?) network I was on 7024.1 and my dial said 7025...SO much better since I adjusted it. 

After a few CQ's I was answered by Paul W2CW (what a great call sign) down in Raleigh NC, I already have NC in the log but when you run 1.5 watts you take any QSO you can get.   Paul is 79 years old, and has been a CW operator since he was 12 years old.  His father wasn't a ham but enjoyed using the old Atwater Kent radios.  His radio was a FT 1000MP and he was using a OCF dipole arrangement. 

He said the HW-8 was doing a great job down his way, and we QSO'd for almost 25 minutes before the band started changing and we got some QRM from a dreaded tuner upper.  We have some company now so I had to QRT...maybe later this evening I can get back on the air and see if I get another state to color in.  In my previous experience, the first 25 states come quickly...and the last teen seem to take forever.  I figure this WAS effort will take at least a year.  So come along for the ride!  Let's schedule a QSO for your state!  Contact me at


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