Sunday, February 19, 2017 longer on my mind!

The Novice Rig Roundup has been running all weekend on 7115 Khz, so it seems.  I just worked Bob AK4JA down in Georgia so that one is now off my list.  Bob is an incredible operator, he was using a homebrew XTAL controlled rig that was making 4 watts.  He gave me a 589 and he was rock solid 599 here in New Whiteland Indiana.  Bands conditions are still not super hot (SSN:13 SFI:78 A:11 K:3) but a wee bit better than yesterday.   Four down, 46 to go!

The Flying Pigs QRP Club International have their monthly "Run for the Bacon" sprint.  Starts at 9PM local time and runs until 11PM...jump in and give it a try!  (All CW, all HF) see the website for full details.

I will try to play in the RFTB sprint tonight but that's past my bedtime.  BTW I am an SKCC member and would love to trade numbers with you!

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