Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mail Call!

I got a couple QSL cards in the mail today, getting a QSL card in the US MAIL is worthy of a big happy dance.  A lot of hams out there have decided to go totally electronic and use LOTW and eQSL instead of writing out a QSL card and mailing it.  Since this is a vintage rig I am working with, I decided I would do something vintage and actually mail a card to every one of my contacts during this WAS attempt.   So feast your eyes on these! 

We're supposed to get very severe weather this evening so I jumped on the HW-8 the minute I got home.  I was calling CQ on 7061 and after a couple of CQ's I was answered by Jerry W8HOG from Lynchburg Ohio.  Jerry started learning CW back in 2011 and he's become quite good at it.  If you check him out on QRZ you will read about his extensive collection of top notch keys, paddles and bugs.  Here is a picture of his Vibroplex bug, he's using a Oxweld cutting torch tip drilled and shortened to slow the Vibroplex Bugs down.  That's pretty cool!  The storms are pretty much thrashing the 40m band right now, so I had to QRT for the night. (SSN:40 SFI:82 A:10 K:2)  The streak is still alive even though I did not get to add any states to the log today.  There is always tomorrow! 

W8HOG Bug with Welding Tip Weight
 73 de KB9BVN

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