Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Signals Went Down to Georgia

Fired up the K1 tonight, tuned to 40m because I was hearing NOTHING again on 20m.  First station I worked was David W4SRE way down in Macon Georgia on 7053 Khz.  David is a SKCC member, number 15102T, and we had not worked each other before.  David gave me an RST of 329,  and I sent him a 559.  It was a wee bit noisy and some QSB in there but otherwise a good contact.  David was originally licensed in South Africa in the 1980's and he came to the USA in 1997.  He learned CW in the South African navy in the 1970's!  Thanks for the QSO David! 

So I tuned some more and all I was hearing were Georgia stations, which was a nice welcome change from only hearing North Carolina stations! 

Next up was Randy KK4BNC and he was running  K2 at 90 Watts into an end fed sloper up about 50 feet, from down in Cataula, Georgia.  I had to look that one up.  He is located in the western part of Georgia, almost on the Alabama state line.  What was funny, was when I put his call sign in my N3FJP Logger, I saw he and I had worked each other exactly one year ago yesterday...now that's pretty neat.  I checked Wikipedia to learn more about this town and I found that in January of 2017, Cataula was hit by several tornadoes.  They have done a good job of rebuilding since then.  The tornado outbreak of 2011 almost wiped them out though...and I thought we got hit with a lot of severe weather here in central Indiana.  Wow!

My QSO with Randy went on for almost a half an hour,  we discussed keys, radios, the weather, and traded SKCC numbers.  Randy is SKCC 8054, we said our 73's and bid each other a good day.  Easy armchiar copy, Randy has a great fist.  Work him if you hear him. 

That's it for now...not much really but I thought it was funny how the K1 was locked on Georgia tonight. 

Best 73 de KB9BVN

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