Saturday, March 16, 2019

20m Finally Opens a Wee Bit While I am Home!

If you have been reading along, you'll remember I bought a pre-built Hilltopper 20 QRP transceiver about two weeks ago.  I have not had a single QSO on it until today, and I am a happy man.  I have been trying and trying to make a QSO with this radio every afternoon when I get home from work, but it's just been too late in the day for a cooperative 20m band and my sorry, sorry antenna, the infamous attic dipole. 

Haiti Air Ambulance Service
Finally this afternoon I was able to work a quick contact with HH2AA from a remote operated station down in Haiti.  HH2AA is the callsign for the Radio Club of Haiti and they were working a contest.  The operator for this station is controlling it from a remote site. This is a special call to support the Ha├»ti Air Ambulance Service. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause!

According to QRZ:  The HH2AA station currently sits at 6300'ASL with a Elecraft K3 running 100w with 3 Element Tri-bander fixed to the U.S. and a 4 Element Tri-bander fixed to EU along with a OCF Dipole off a 80' Tower.

I worked them at 19:40Z and on 14043.2 Khz today, we traded 599, but this was a contest exchange...they were 100% 599 here in Indianapolis today.   I see they have now moved up to 15m. 

What a view from the tower eh? 

Thanks for the contact HH2AA, QSL card is in the mail!

I am now ready to take this show on the road as soon as the weather gets a little warmer around here.  I have an Alex Loop antenna, and a portable vertical called the PAC-12 I hope to use during my lunch hours and from the local park bench.  I have a Hilltopper 20, a Norcal 20, and my K1 to go portable with this summer. Stay tuned and listen for KB9BVN....he's desperate. 

Best DX and 73 to all! 

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