Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Never Ceases to Amaze me....

I've always said you meet the most interesting folks on ham radio and tonight was no exception.  I was tuning around on 20m looking for any kind of signal, it was too late and the band was too quiet, and I still wanted to have a QSO. 

So I tuned down to the 40m band to see what was going on there and stumbled across KF4IZE calling CQ on 7114.  Will lives down in Fayetteville NC and has been an Extra class operator since 1998.  He gave me a 569 and I had him a solid 599 here in Central Indiana. 

Will KF4IZE on his 2002 Harley Davidson Fat Boy
He enjoys fixing up and running boat anchor gear, as well as riding his prized 2002 Harley Davidson  Fat Boy.  Will was using a old Navy Flameproof key tonight, and I was at the K2 and using my Nye Viking Master Key.  He gave me his SKCC number and I forgot to give him mine...I swear I am losing my marbles.  

Will retired from the US Army Signal Corps after serving for 20 years in 2008.  In his spare time he likes to run mini marathons and regular marathons, and cruising around on his Harley.  His current antenna farm consists of a home brew two-element delta loop parasitic array for 40 meters and a two-element vertical ground plane phased array for 2 meters. You can find Will KF4IZE mostly operating 40-meter AM (7.290/295) and occasional CW (7.050/7.115)

Operating Position at KF4IZE in Fayetteville NC

Thanks for the QSO Will and thanks for your service.  My dad is a retired Sgt. Major and my son is a Marine.  We owe you guys a lot! 

Best 73

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