Tuesday, April 11, 2017

QRP is What I Do

Well I sold my Ten Tec Jupiter tonight, and now all I have left in the shack are my beloved QRP rigs.  An Elecraft K2, a Heathkit HW-8, a Norcal 20, and a Norcal 40.  Things just feel right, I've been working QRP since 1998 and I am having a blast with it. 

After I got my desk all rearranged, now the Jupiter is gone, I was able to get on the air and work Bobby AK4JA from down in Georgia again.  It seems like there are a few stations that are almost always out there, and Bobby is one of them.  He was using his home brew tube powered 4w transmitter to QSO with me tonight. How cool is that?  I earned a 579 and he was rock solid 599 here, and we had QRM and QRN galore.  We had about a 15 minute chat and it was just great.  Two Way QRP is always a bunch of fun. 

The mailman brought a new QSL card today from Mac WA4QWN from down in Roanoke VA.  Thanks for the card Mac! 


Thanks for checking in! 

Best 73 de KB9BVN

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