Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Latest Contacts from the HW8

This evening the band seemed to be pretty promising, SSN:97 SFI:94 A:20 K:1, which is the most sunspots we've seen in some time.  Only had time for one tonight, and that was with Tom KB3CVO out in Pennsylvania.  We chatted in the SKCC chat room after the contact and he said the HW8 sigs were doing great out his way and he had rewarded me with a 579.  He even said he might have to get his HW8 out of storage and put it back on the air for some QRP fun.  

Last night I worked Gerry K4KBL down in Georgia. This is the second time I've work Gerry and his fist and sigs were easy copy.   QSL cards are ont he way. 

This weekend we have at least two QSO parties that both support QRP categories.  The QRP-ARCI Spring QSO party and the Georgia State QSO Party.  I am hoping to pick up a few more states this weekend.  If the weather holds I may try to get my vertical up in the back yard and start using that from time to time.  My attic dipole has served me well these last 19 years but I really need to get something outside.  Pa Kettle has nothing on my procrastination skills.   

73 de KB9BVN

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