Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Evening on 40m

Greetings to all on this blessed Good Friday, the beginning of Easter weekend.  We'll be at Mass tomorrow night with the family, and Sunday we'll be having a huge family cook out come rain or snow or mighty blow.  A very happy and blessed Easter to all of you. 

Late this afternoon I was able to sneak in a couple hours of radio time, the 40m band was not in the best shape but I sat on 7043 Khz for at least an hour calling CQ and CQ SKCC.  Eventually I was rewarded with a QSO from Jim N3ADF out in Maryland.  Jim is a SKCC member so we exchanged numbers in the noise.  I got a 449 on this one and he was a little in and out on my not so great antenna.  Jim is retired, and really enjoys operating mobile.  He's also got a really nice website that you should check out.  (

Right after I signed off with Jim, I got a call from Alabama and this time it was Al N4IDH down in Dothan Alabama.  Al is a retired nuclear submarine mechanic and is also a pilot! He is currently using a 80+ foot long wire antenna and doing great with it.  Al, thanks for your military service! One of my best ham radio buddies was Rick WB9JBM (SK) and he was also a nuke tech submariner and retired from the Navy.  You guys have a lot of bravery! 

Then it went silent...heard some RTTY and that was about it. 

I hope to get on the air tomorrow for a bit, and maybe land a new state, I have been itchin' to color in a new one for a couple weeks now.  More time on the air means more coloring.  

Oh! One thing I forgot, I ordered a pair of 30m One Watters from Diz W8DIZ over at - sending one to my podcast partner Mike KD5KXF and we're going to see who can build it into the weirdest I am off to the thrift store!  That little radio comes with a keyer and one watt out for a mere $ supply the case and knobs.  Very QRP Cool. 

Mailman forgot me today, so I have no new QSL cards to show. 

Best 73 es Happy Easter  de KB9BVN

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