Wednesday, April 4, 2018


So I just got home from work, it's later than normal, and in the mail box is the Elecraft stand kit for my K1 that Dave Bixler W0CH sent me! These things are hard to find, Elecraft hasn't had them in about  a year.  Thank you so much Dave!!  The check is in the mail, the stand fits perfectly. 

K1 with Stand from Dave W0CH 
So after I got the stand attached I fired up the radio and tuned to 30m, and on 10113 at 22:47Z on 04/04/18,  I heard Milan S57V calling CQ, all alone, from Slovenia.  I sent him about five times and on the sixth try he called me back and gave me a 339.  He was 599 here with some pretty strong but fast QSB.  This shows to be a distance of about 4825 miles or 7720 km from my QTH.  As usual the K1 was running 4w into the attic dipole.   QSL card is on the way Milan! 

Then a little later, I moved over to 40m, and tuned in 7055, looking for a new state. George KB5AE was there for me.  He is SKCC 9274S and he is in Oklahoma.  A new state for 2018! George has been a ham since 1976, and really likes working CW.  His current station is a TS-570 to a MFJ Loop Antenna up a mere 15 feet.  George is a retired trucker and is in his 80's.  Great fist George! Thanks for hearing my 4w of QRP power!  I got a 569 and gave him a 599 at 00:31Z on 04/05/18. 

Anyway, I thought I'd post this here so I can put it in my log when my laptop gets back, with any luck, tomorrow. 

Best 73 de KB9BVN


  1. I heard him too on mfj 9030 but could not find an adapter for my key in time to work him😔

  2. I tried to post last night but am not too good with this internet stuff..the k1 looks pretty sweet... good job...and great job using an attic dipole with low power..I am interested in what you use for a key and headphones also if you don't mind me asking..and your radio of choice for receiving... I value your the way your record keeping is impeccable...wish I would have kept my old paper logs.. anyways thanks for any information you care to pass along...73s for now

    1. Victor, so glad you stopped by and left me a note. I use the K1 for receive and transmit. The receiver in the K1 is top notch, and has three levels of filtering. I use an external MFJ antenna tuner, and when in the house I use my attic dipole (66 feet, center fed, with 5' ion each end turned 90 degrees to fit in my attic) I am looking forward to using the K1 and a mag loop at lunch where I work when it gets warmer. My headphones are some over the ear cans from Amazon. they are Audio Technia Model ATH-M30 and I like them WAY better than ear plug/buds. My logging is done normally with my laptop and Amateur Contact Log from N3FJP. I have been using his software for about 20 years now and have HF logs back to 1998. I have been licensed since 1988. Victor thanks again, I always enjoy speaking with you on VHF from time to time, you are a inspiration with your antenna building experiments. 73 de KB9BVN