Friday, April 6, 2018

Good Vendor!

As you know, I broke the power supply connector on my Ho Elitebook last week.  I was about to throw it away, but I thought I would Google power jack repairs.  Man was that a great idea.  I found a place in Chicago that would take my laptop apart, remove the broken power jack, and replace it with new parts and make it stronger so it won't happen again for a long time. 

Check out:

710 MILL CIRCLE #107 
Phone: (847) 529 9441 

For $100 they will dismantle your laptop, fix the jack, fix your power plug, and SHIP it back to you.  OR...if you do the heavy work of removing your system board and only send that, they will do the repair for $60 and SHIP it back to you. 

I sent mine up on Tuesday, and got it back, repaired like new on Friday.  If you have a busted power jack on your laptop, don't cannibalize it and throw away the bones, call Applicasoft and get it fixed! 

73 de KB9BVN
One Very Happy Camper

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