Friday, April 6, 2018

Good night for SKCC

Tomorrow is Saturday, and not just any Saturday. It's time for the monthly SKCC Weekend Sprintathon.  So tonight after dinner I fired up the K1 and tuned to 7054 Khz in the 40m band.  I worked three SKCC members getting ready for the Sprintathon this weekend. 

22:48Z - 04/06/2018 - First up tonight was Peter AK3X out in Glen Burnie Maryland.  We had a snow storm and some rain moving in from the west so the QRN was a little intense at times.  Peter gave me a 599 and I gave him the same.  He is SKCC 7217S and an Extra class in his 70's.  Glen Burnie is a suburb of Baltimore and was founded in 1812 by the district attorney Elias Glen.  

22:58Z - 04/06/2018 - Next up was a NEW STATE for 2018. I was calling CW and got an answer from Jim K5TSK.  Jim got re-licensed in 2015 and is an Extra with a taste for QRP. According to his QRZ bio page he's running a KX3. Jim is also SKCC member 14893T and lives in Pearcy Arkansas.  his antenna is a 40 foot vertical with 50 radials under it for good measure.  Pearcy survived the 2011 Super Outbreak of Tornadoes which destroyed a lot of homes in the nearby town of Sunshine AR.  Thanks for the QSO Jim! 

00:05Z - 04/07/2018 - Final contact tonight was Bruce WA8OJR down in Spartanburg SC.  We always like to stay in Spartanburg on our way down to the beaches of South Carolina.  It's a quaint old town and home to the Presbyterian College.  Bruce is SKCC 14120C and we traded 589's in the noise.   We had another station drop in and start CQ'ing right on top of us...without so much as one lousy QRL? I'm 4 watts, my guess is they didn't hear me.  I won't lose any sleep over it but folks, please QRL? before you start CQing.  

Downtown Spartanburg SC 
That's it for tonight! 

Best 73 de KB9BVN

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