Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blogging my logging...

If you remember, I broke my laptop.   It is being fixed as I type and with any luck I will have it back on Friday.  So I am logging my K1 contacts here so I can catch them all up when I get the computer back.  It's been raining like no tomorrow here...Monday was 2 inches of snow, today it was 3 inches of rain, and tonight we get a tornado or two...more snow tomorrow maybe...gotta love springtime in the Midwest. 

This is the K1 log from today.  I did manage to work one new state for 2018 today, between thunderstorms. 

21:52Z - 04/03/2018 - Karl out in Montrose PA, we have worked each other before and he had a great signal today.  I gave him a 599 and he sent me a 559 from my K1 at 4w to the attic dipole.  We were on 7056 Khz in the 40m band.  Karl is SKCC 17635T and is always a pleasure to work.  Off at 22:02Z

22:20Z - 04/03/2018 - James KB1KKW from out in Massachusetts. James is a new state for me this year and that now makes 21 with 29 to go.  Band conditions were rough, he gave ,e a 599 with QSB and QRN I gave him the same.  We were on 7054 Khz in the 40m band and he is not a SKCC member, so we did not trade numbers. He lives in Chicopee MA which is in Hampden County. 

22:27Z - 04/03/2018 - Roy K8NQQ from down in Wilmington NC. Roy is an SKCC member and we traded numbers.  He is SKCC 912.  I gave him a 589 and he gave me a 559. Great to put Roy in the log on 7055 Khz!

22:32Z - 04/03/2018 Phil K4JVK from down in GA.  Phil is SKCC 5562 and he gave me a 589 and I sent him the same.  QSB and QRN was getting a little worse at this point.  This was on 7055 Khx in the 40m band.  Phil was running a Kenwood TS 570D to a low dipole up about 12 feet!  Thanks for the contact Phil. 

22:43Z - 04/03/2018 Last but not least was Tom AI0F from out in Missouri.  Tom is a SKCC member and his number is 201S.  He's a Senator in SKCC which means, as you know, he's worked billions of SKCC members.  He's an Extra from Adair County.  I gave Tom a 589 and he sent me a 559.  Thanks for the QSO Tom!

That about wraps it up for tonight...more thunderstorms moving in, possible tornadoes too.  I am so ready for summertime.  Not a bad log for 4 watts. 

Best 73 de KB9BVN


  1. Your WX. Now you know why I didn't move back to Indy after retiring in ATL!

  2. Jim...I totally understand. With any luck, when I retire in 7 or 8 years we're moving to the Carolinas...or someplace it doesn't normally snow! 73 de KB9BVN