Monday, February 18, 2019

Well Hello New England!

So after dinner tonight I got in front of the K2 and tuned around the upper part of 40m, the old Novice/Technician part, specifically around 7120.  I was surprised to hear a QSO going on so I moved down the band a few Khz and heard W2RAN calling CQ on 7116.  So I pumped the K2 up to 10 watts and sent my call sign out to him from the attic dipole.   Ran W2RAN came right back and we had a nice QSO, and exchanged our SKCC numbers.  Ran is Randy Wright and he lives up in New Hampshire.  I don't get to work that part of New England very often so I was happy to give and GET a 599.  

I checked Ran out on QRZ and he is an avid CW operator, preferring straight keys and side swipers, or cooties.  Check out this homebrew Cootie Key.

Saw Blade Cootie Key by W2RAN
Randy lives in Lyndeborough NH, and this little town has quite a history.  Named after judge Benjamin Lynde,  while serving as a proprietor of Lyndeborough, Judge Lynde lived in Massachusetts, where he presided in Suffolk County over the trial stemming from the Boston Massacre. 

The town has been home to the Lafayette Artillery Company (founded 1804) since 1833. The town office building, Citizens' Hall (opened 1889), is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as is the Lyndeborough Center Historic District, which consists of the Congregational Church (circa 1836), Town Hall (1846), and remnants of the Town Pound (1774).

Randy also likes to work WWFF, KFF, and POTA stations whenever he can.  Thanks for QSO Randy! 


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