Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ohhhhhhhh klahoma!

I am pretty sure the 40m band was on vacation tonight.  The noise was high, the QSB lasted a long long time between waves coming back in.  I sat and listened for about 90 minutes tonight before I finally completed my CW QSO.  Once again I started on 15m...heard nothing, so I headed to fertile QSO grounds on 40.  Except there was not much there but some SSB in some language I don't know right on 7120 Khz.  So I tried 7115, then to 7050, and finally landed on 7030 Khz and tossed out a few CQs only to be ignored.  So I was playing around with my laptop when I heard a faint KB9BVN DE K7JKZ coming from the K2 speaker.  

Oh boy...I almost never hear 7 land on 40m here in this QTH so I cranked it up to 10 watts and fired my call back.  John K7JKZ must have super sonic ears because he heard me...barely.  I sent him a 339 and got back a 349 from the great state of Oklahoma.  John runs ONLY a KX3 in his shack and from the looks of his QRZ page he has a fine shack indeed.  

K7JKZ Shack - KX3
I'd like to thank John for his service to our great nation, he served as a US Navy Radioman 2nd Class and was a submariner on the USS Andrew Jackson and the USS Ulysses S. Grant. John calls Oklahoma City his home now, although he was originally licensed at age 13 in Medford Oregon. We had to send our RST, QTH, and name a couple times before we copied it on both ends.  The QSO was just about that short, we bid each other 73 and the band went dead again. I am very glad I hung around, Oklahoma isn't real plentiful around here, so it's great to have that one in the log.  So far 2019 my WAS efforts have only yielded 10 states.  I heard New Mexico tonight, W5UX, but the QSB took him away as fast as it brought him in.  It was brutal this evening and I was using every filter in my box of magic radio tricks.  Keep on CQing! 


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