Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lightning...oh Brother

Here in Central Indiana we received about 6 inches of rain between Friday night and Sunday night. In all of that we took a nearby hit of lightning, and it took out my logging computer, half our light bulbs, and my DSL modem.  I think my log data is on my Dropbox drive, but I won't know until Century Link gets time to come out and fix my DSL problem.  Apparently it's not a high priority. 

I got a nice QSL card from NZ0T this week, and the plug adapter came in so I can use my paddles and Norcal Keyer with the HW8.   Due to the storms I have had the HW8 unplugged from the power and the antenna since Friday morning...so contacts have been non-existent.  The thing I like best about this keyer is when I get a SKCC contact I can put it in straight key mode and work them straight key style. 

I hope to get back it it tonight when I get home from work.

73 de KB9BVN

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