Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Back in business...

Well the phone company came and replaced my dead DSL modem, so I am back online.  I was able to disassemble my logging laptop that got fried from the storm on Sunday and pulled the SATA hard disk.  I plugged it into my other computer and like magic all my data was there.  I can't tell you how happy that made me.  I have a new laptop on the way.  So fo now I am using a paper log and will add everything to the new computer when it gets here.

Got on the air tonight and had a two way QRP QSO with Tom AF4NC out in Pennsylvania.  Tom is the Assistant Section Chief fo the the ARRL section known as EPA (Eastern Pennyslvania). Not only that but Tom is also the traffic manager for the state.  Tom is a pilot too, and not just little puddle jumpers, but big jets like the 737, and Gulfsteams.  He's been around the world and likes to take his HF gear with him.  Tom has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the John Muir trail, plus he has climbed 11 peaks over 14,000 feet in Colorado. he is an avid backpacker and also a wildlife photographer.

Tonight he was using his HW-9 set at 3watt, so we were Heathkit to Heathkit QRP!  Check his radio out below.

HW9 of Tom AF4NC - NICE Paddles!
No new state tonight but that's the way it goes sometimes.   It does sound like 40m is picking up some steam.  

73 de KB9BVN