Saturday, August 31, 2019

I smell Autumn

Hello there,  I have been neglecting my blog for months, it's summertime and I have been busy with work, and the grand kids, and all the other stuff that comes up in the summer time.  So here I sit in the shack this morning with the K2 turned on and monitoring 7115 Khz while I do some web surfing.  

At 15:00Z I hear Kevin N2AFX calling CQ and it's a almost perfect 599 and about 15 wpm.  Kevin lives in western New York in the finger lakes region. It must be very beautiful there this time of year.  Kevin was runing 100w into his G5RV from his Icom 746Pro this morning, and we had a nice chat for about 25 minutes.  Slow rolling shallow QSB was present but the band held up nicely for our QSO.  I got a 579 and sent him a 589.

When I checked Kevin out on QRZ I found that not only is he primarily a CW operator, but he is also a book author and his favorite subject is longwave radio. (0-500 kHz) 

Kevin's book is Listening to Longwave (ISBN 9781882123391) published by Universal Radio, Inc.  Kevin is also a former writer for "Monitoring Times" magazine and is currently the publisher of "The Lowdown", the journal of the Longwave Club of America. 

Bloomfield has a population of about 1800 people, and is home to Crosman Corporation, maker of fine air rifles and BB guns.

So here it is August 31, and summer is about 67% in the rear view mirror, I was sitting on my back patio last night listening to the cicadas and I smelled it.'s coming in 23 days and last night I caught my first whiff.  I always look forward to the changing of summer into autumn, things seem to start to slow down a bit at work, and I find more time to be on the radio in an evening.

Until next time!

Best 73

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