Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Revisit - Brown County State Park

Today we set a new record.  The record high temperature for March 13 was set in 1995 at 70F degrees. Today, March 13 2024 we hit 76F degrees, smashing an almost 30 year record.  Interestingly enough, the coldest March 13 was in 1960 at 0F am I glad that record didn't get smashed today! 

So I hadn't been to Brown County State Park since last October, I got off work a little bit early and headed 50 miles south of home to activate this park, known as K-2251.  I found a good place to operate from and got setup, and was on the air by 5:15PM.  I started out on 20m, running 14.061 Mhz for about a half an hour. Then moved to 40m on 7.065 Mhz for about 15 minutes.  I did manage to work Bill K4NYM down in Florida, he was at a park on 17m 18.089 Mhz, for a surprise Park to Park contact. 

Lookout Fort at North Gate- I operated from this area

Brown County State Park is the largest state park in Indiana, it covers a little over 16,000 acres, includes two lakes, campgrounds, a firetower, nature center, swimming pool, horse stable, mountain biking, hiking ranging from mild to rugged, and there is a nice Inn on the property with a sit down restaurant.  Located just outside Nashville Indiana off State Road 46.  

My view from my operating position - looking north

If you ever get out this way, you'd really enjoy spending a day shopping and sightseeing in Nashville, and visiting the park.  The next time I come I will bring some charcoal and grill some burgers and dogs.  They have grills and picnic tables all over the park. 

I was on the air about 45 minutes total, managed to log 21 contacts, of which two were other parks. Not a bad afternoon.  I wanted to get home before it got dark, so I packed up the POTA mobile and headed north. 

I did not get any European or South American DX today, the band seemed a lot weaker than it was yesterday, but I forgot to note the propagation index numbers to compare.  I need to try and do that in the future so I can make legitimate comparisons. 

The firetower is open to the public, and if you are so inclined you can climb up to the top level and see for miles and miles in all directions.  This is the highest point in the park, I think, and the DNR has a lot of antennas up there on top.  I did not climb the firetower, I did forty years ago and it was quite a sight. 

Here is the map of my contacts tonight.  I was running about 8 watts

My QSO Map from Brown County State Park

Until next trip!  
73 de KB9BVN

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