Friday, November 20, 2020

It was a dark and blustery night...

I got off work at 4:00PM yesterday, grabbed my gear and drove to K-4183 Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area, and was on the air by 4:50PM.  It was about 60F degrees but a bit windy.  I setup at Stone Arch lake this time, operating from inside my 2006's very cramped but I need to figure out a way to do this so I can keep activating in the winter time.  

My run last night was cut short when the winds caused my Eagle One to collapse, plus since we are no longer on daylight savings time it was getting dark by 5:30PM. I manage to operate about 28 minutes before the mast came down and I decided to pack it in. I did make 20 regular contacts and two Park to Park contacts.  I operated on 7065 Khz the whole time I was on the air.  

I was also getting some very strong QRM, voices and I am pretty sure they were coming from the Camp Atterbury military base just south of me.  So between dealing with QRM, the wind, and cramped quarters in the truck, I was ready go. 

Anyway, here's my QSO map from last night, 40m was working well. I was running the K2 at 10w. 

And here is the Reverse Beacon Network report for my last 15 or so minutes on the air. 

So far I have never had a bad activation, any time I get to go play radio like it's field day, I am one happy camper.  Looking forward to maybe getting back out there this weekend.  This was my tenth activation of K-4183.  

Best 73


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