Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Agony...the Pain...the Joy

What an incredible day.  Tonight is the SKCC Sprint, or the SKS as it is known. It typically runs from 00:00Z to 02:00z and this evening I was able to join in, although briefly...and that's where the agony comes in.  

My beloved HP Elitebook laptop, that contains my logging, all my VE software, and other ham radio stuff decided to go TOES UP.  The dreaded "power jack busted away from the system board" monster reared its ugly head.  This thing is way out of warranty and most likely it will now be relegated to the spare parts department.  I need to order a case for the hard disk so I can at least use it via USB to get my stuff outta there.  I will see if I can solder anything back on the power jack when I dig out the hard disk, but I have been here before and that, is very unlikely to happen. 

The best thing that happened today is I got in touch with Aron NN1F via email.  I bought a Elecraft K1 kit in 2001 at Four Days in May.  I bought it from Wayne and Eric at the Dayton Hamvention, they were selling them as fast as they could unload them.  I took it home and built it and used it for two or three years and then sold to raise funds for my beloved K2.  I sold it to Aron, like 15 years ago.  Amateur radio is funny in how you make friends with folks all over the place. Sometime back in the day I found myself doing a job in New Hampshire and I got to meet Aron and his wife Kim for dinner one night in Manchester New Hampshire.  Aron is a Flying Pig QRP Club member and has a great fist if you ever get to meet him on the air.  Happy Happy Joy Joy...Aron sold me back my K1 today.  I can't wait to get it.  Thanks Aron!! 

The SKS was to start at 00:00Z tonight but I worked Kevin WA1LFD - SKCC 17831T from Hollis, NH.  We traded numbers and and I got a 569 and he was a 589 with some QSB on the side.  Great fist and an easy to copy straight key operator for sure.  Hollis was founded in the mid 1700's and has been thriving ever since.  Thanks for the QSO Kev! 

Next up was Judy AA5UZ from way down in Saint Tammany Parish Louisiana.  This is located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Pontchartrain.  Judy gave me a 579 and I returned the same to her.  She is SKCC 12268 and has a great fist for copying.  Her town of Pearl River has the motto of "Home of the Honey Island Swamp".  Thanks for the QSO Judy and the NEW state for 2018! 

Last but not least, Chuck K9IA way down in Florida heard me well enough to trade 559's with me and send our SKCC numbers.  Chuck is SKCC 10206T and he lives in The Villages and they dislike antennas there, so he uses a great stealth flagpole antenna and no one is the wiser.  Chuck has been a ham for over 60 years and loves to work CW.  Thanks for the QSO Chuck..AND the NEW state for 2018. 

Best 73 de KB9BVN


  1. Hi Brian! Just wanted to compli73ment you on the excellent blog. Been some really good reads here lately! Now just need for it to get warm and stay warm so i can operate from studio B aka the front deck. An end fed and 5 watts in the sun accompanied by a cold brew. Doesn't get much better than that! 72/73...W9BGJ

  2. Pardon the typo apparently my 73 got misplaced the first time Hee Hee!