Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cheer could be worse!

Yeah...things don't look too great for HF right now....

Was on Facebook a bit ago and a local ham, new to the hobby, hit me up on chat and asked me why his antenna wasn't working.  He described a perfectly deployed 20m dipole up about 30 feet. He couldn't hear anything and no one was answering his CQ's.  So I check the bands...and found this.  Oh boy.  I think I'll cook some hot dogs on the grill and go watch my grass grow. Maybe later tonight things will improve. 

On another note, another newer ham to the area has been bitten by the QRP CW bug hard,  Michael W9ODX has been using a borrowed MJF 9040 at 5 watts to make contacts.  He lives in a HOA restricted area so his operating has had to be on the move...UNTIL NOW. 

Check out his blog and see how a determined ham overcame the obstacles of the HOA.  Great job Mike! 

That's it for now....getting ready for a weenie roast so we're making baked beans...delicious tasty BBQ baked beans...Mmmmmm.  599 fo sho


Best 73! 

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