Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sometimes Shack Work is no Radio...

In the continuing saga of my logging laptop replacement, I have decided to try using my Raspberry Pi 3B to become my logger with the CQRlog software from OK7AN.  I have managed to get CQRlog version 2.0.4 to install and run on my Pi3B.  I have not imported the logs I will be moving from N3FJP's AC Log program but I plan on doing that tonight. 

I downloaded the latest Raspian Jessie 8 with Pixel from the Raspberry Pi website.  I then installed that on a 16GB Micro SD card (you want to use a Type 10) and booted the Pi with it plugged into my network switch.   Once it finished booting I ran the following to update and upgrade the packages on it.

sudo apt-get update 


sudo apt-get upgrade

Now that will take about 20 mins to download all the updates and get them installed. 

Once that is done you will need to install MySQL server and MySQL client.   This is accomplished by using the package installer. 

Then you need to find and download a file called:


Once it is downloaded, right click and have it install. 

So I haven't started using it on a daily basis but I am hoping I can get it all configured and working well by Field Day.  The Raspberry Pi 3B is SO RF quite, it's pretty awesome. 

On another note...The QRPian podcast #3 is now online.  You can listen to it here on this blog or you can go to Spreaker and hear it.  Mike and I have fun making these monthly podcasts and we hope you enjoy listening in to our conversation. 

Best 73 de KB9BVN


  1. FB getting CQRLog running. BTW there are few podcasts I drool over waiting, yours are great. Keep them coming!! Ed KC8SBV

  2. Thanks Ed...we appreciate your comments. 73