Sunday, April 30, 2023

GMRS Radio For Sale

I have a Radioddity GM-30 for sale.  I bought this about 6 weeks ago to learn about the GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) band.  

Radioddity GM-30 - bought it about 7 weeks ago.  It comes with two batteries.

BL-13UV Battery 2200 mAh 7.4 vdc
BL-13UV Battery 1500mAh 7.4 vdc
3db gain antenna, Radioddity RD-332 - replaces stock rubber duck

Charger (USB-C)

Programming Cable
Programming software is free from the Radioddity Website.

Radio also comes with the stock rubber duck antenna.
Works perfectly.  Advertised as 5w.

Radio - $39.99
Antenna - $15.99
Programming Cable - $12.99
Extra 1500mAh Battery - $15.99

Total New:  $84.96 plus tax plus shipping 

Asking $70.00 for all, with original boxes, manuals etc. 

I am selling it because I am on the fringe of the local GMRS repeater, so I am going to buy a mobile 25w GMRS rig and setup a home base station.   Email me if interested at 

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